Rooted in aviation excellence and growing on a reputation for upstanding customer care.

Centrally-located as the sole FBO on the Modesto City-County Airport-Harry Sham Field (KMOD), Modesto Jet Center has built a strong legacy for serving the Northern California region’s aviation clientele with superior services and customer care for more than 30 years. Today, we are building an even better full-service aviation company that is architected to create cost-effective solutions that deliver comfort, safety and convenience. Modesto Jet Center is a full-service aviation company that is proud to offer our customers a professional line services team at our AvFuel-branded FBO. Our aircraft charter and management department excels in finding new ways to solve your transportation needs.

In 2019, Modesto Jet Center was founded when California-based aviation professionals Matt Bosco and Dan Kimmel purchased Sky Trek Aviation at Modesto City-County Airport (KMOD). As decades-long customers of Sky Trek Aviation, the owners acquired the FBO from Jim Van Heukelem, Penny Weber and John Rogers, who operated the company for more than 30 years, building its reputation for upstanding customer care.