Modesto Jet Receives FAA Approval for 10 Seats or More

Modesto Jet Receives FAA Approval for 10 Seats or More image

February 23, 2022 – Modesto Jet announced today its certification and capability to manage and fly FAR Part 135 aircraft with 10 seats or more.

Modesto Jet’s air charter operations has recently completed its comprehensive certification process by the Federal Aviation Administration to operate jets with 10 seats or more.  The thorough vetting by the FAA will allow operations of a Challenger 605 and two Challenger 604 super midsize jets which will be added to the Ops Specs.  The “10 or More” certification allows longer flights on Modesto Jet flown aircraft for charter and managed-aircraft customers. 

“This certification is the culmination of an excellent collaboration with our Flight Operations team and our local FAA FSDO,” said Director of Operations Scott Bertram.  “We are looking forward to providing our clients with a greater range of travel options and services.” 

“This is a considerable milestone for Modesto Jet, as the company is now uniquely qualified to operate larger aircraft due to their strong maintenance and proven safety record,” Bertram added.  Modesto Jet currently operates a fleet of eight aircraft including PC-12s, King Airs, a Nextant Jet and PC-24. 

Modesto Jet Center is a full-service FBO that offers customers a full range of aircraft management, charter, acquisition, and brokerage services as well as, fuel sales, line service with the attention to detail customers have come to expect from the FBO’s team. As an Avfuel-branded FBO, Modesto Jet offers customers competitive prices with Avfuel Contract Fuel and lucrative rewards with AVTRIP.   

Published January 25th, 2023